Success Stories

Akmal Mardhatillah
FIFO Utility

What a great agency to work with, I was applying for FIFO jobs with connect staffing group and at that time the jobs is slow, they put me on local jobs which have flexibility and competitive pay rates. so that I can do some jobs while waiting.

When the job come up, they contact me straight away and got my first swing in a beautiful camp. I have been to their office twice, the staff was very friendly and helpful.”

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Anis Fauziya
Enrolled Nurse

My time with Connect staffing has been productive, enjoyable, and filled with tremendous personal growth. With my 2 years of experience as AIN, I have been able to further develop my skills as an Enrolled Nurse and have gained in-depth knowledge of nursing and caring, something I knew almost nothing about when I began.

I appreciate all the support and assistance provided to me by the staff. I wish Connect staffing and the staff team continued success in your endeavours.

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Nikhila Thomas
Registered Nurse

I joined as an AIN with connect health 8 months ago and today as an EN when i look back i feel more confident and better, this achievement wasn’t easy, with all support from connect health and colleagues i am much happier where i am today and yes it is a journey and i am still on the path of learning to the next stage of my life with connect and i will accomplish my RN if god allows.

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Rashmita Karki
Registered Nurse

Before I started my professional career as a healthcare professional in Australia; I was studying for a nursing degree. I was very keen to work in a health care setting not because I was studying that degree but nursing profession is not just an occupation for me, the satisfaction I can feel after seeing people back to their normal life or better day to day living cannot be explained in words and that is a vital reason that I am into this dream profession.

Nevertheless, to achieve this dream, it wasn't that easy; I was looking for a breakthrough to start my career and I must say Connect has given me that big breakthrough. I started as an AIN and transitioned to RN now; the recruitment process I felt was never that easy before I met Mr. Prem Dhungyel, he was very informative and continuously guided me through the journey to start up as well as to successful upgradation. Besides, I found all the support members are very helpful. I have been to many facilities including hospitals where I have been continuously provided support in need during my shift. All in all, I am very happy to be part of this organization and I must say, if you're looking for that dream breakthrough of your career then definitely Connect is the door to be knocked.

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